Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happiness on a Sunday is

...sitting in bed on the wireless, listening to the new Patty Griffin album, getting my revitalizing antioxidants via some green tea, and eating a bagel with horseradish cream cheese topped with a mix of salmon and flying fish wasabi roe from Russ and Daughters'. Truly one of my all-time favorite spots for that treasured "Only in NYC" vibe, even walking by the front of this incredible smoked fish emporium makes me smile.

After 10 draining days mostly spent relearning how to deal with reoccuring anxieties, I have a big day planned of watching "The Break-Up"; figuring how much of a tax refund I get; reading Fragrant Harbor by John Lanchester, which is giving me dreams of Hong Kong; maybe going to the gym; and meeting a friend later whose presence I have sorely missed in recent weeks. As always, there are so many good ladies in New York -- the weekend was a whirlwind of women with Heater, Camille, Kate, Gina, Rachel, Julia, Helen plus a first night appearance of our new (male) Welsh friend, Ewan, courtesy of an email introduction via Jay, an old chum from 19 years-back-in- the-day-Ohio. All in all, a very good time was had.

AND: Rescue Me is filming on my block tomorrow. It's not every day that my favorite show is in the 'hood, so I expect I will walk around the block about 25 times to "get the paper."


Tim said...

So what are the early returns on the new Patty CD? I also spent some time this weekend with it (last evening, local rag to read and sipping a Southampton Ale House Secret Ale)and I'm a bit underwhelmed. The rave review I read in No Depression made me excited about it and I guess I need some more time with it. I did play "Getting Ready" on the Hayride this morning and it sounded great!

The Know-All said...

Really? With the first few listens, I think I like it better and it seems more consistent than the last one did to me. It might be her best yet. Check out "Trapeze", "Up to the Mountain" and "Crying Over."