Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nothin' Much

Off to Montreal tomorrow for a few days to print V46, and a small break to give my body/liver a needed rest. I have been on bit of a social roll as of late partially due to the exit of my favorite stay-at-home drug from my life, and find myself out most nights having lots of good meals, seeing music, getting a nightcap down at the local with the Franklin Street Drama Club, and a variety of out-of-towners popping into the city and adding to the mix. NYC has been way too fun again with the finally rising temps giving me spring fever a little early. Currently making some travel plans with Vegas on the horizon in late March for Miller's wedding with a stellar cast of old characters expected to be in attendance; a week split between Verona and Vienna in late April to print a freelance job, and to visit Kate who will be working in a play for three months in Auld Austria; and Mom coming to co-host the Derby Party this year.

Too bad the bastards just cancelled the French course I was going to start taking in a couple weeks derailing my small attempt at self-improvement and actual learning.

Here's a slightly amusing site for the Sarcasm Society in the meantime.

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