Monday, April 30, 2007

Gardening at Night

I've officially lost my mind, and added another nail in the "I'm going to be a weird old lady" coffin by getting (re-)obsessed with gardening. I had a garden 7 or so years back behind my ex's house on N. 7th, but lost all of those plants (mostly taken from my mom's garden in Ohio) during the divorce. Admittedly after some manipulation on my part by filling up planters last spring thus making friends with the entire neighborhood with my half-assed lazy attempt at beautifying the street using coleus, my landlord was kind enough to give me access to part of the yard that will hold a flower bed 4'x 15', and an 9'x 9' deck just big enough for a grill and table.

Went absolutely nuts this weekend, digging the whole thing up and dropping a couple hundred bucks on shade loving perennials (clematis, 3 astilibe, columbines, hostas, lily of valley, caladium, tomato plants, gold dust bush, ivy, hydrangea, azalea...), in an rush effort to get them in the ground this year so that in the upcoming years, the garden will be gorgeous and plant-filled.

Having a little respite from the city to have tea in the mornings while reading the paper in the backyard is going to be a godsend. I am never, ever, ever moving.

Nice, too, to come back to the city with the cherry and magnolia trees in full flower. Dare I say it? Spring has finally sprung. And as always, with the sun comes good moods for weeks...

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