Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Man Josh

Josh Hamilton hit his second homer in two games last night. Rumor has it he's walking a dangerous path of half-sobriety. He went to rehab EIGHT times so will be interesting to see how this turns out. From On the DL:

3. Rehab Is For Quitters
Which supposedly reformed bad boy has reportedly hit a few bumps along the road to sobriety? A source claims that the recently bulked up cutie pie was spotted feeling no pain on several occasions in bars with women who were most certainly not his wife during spring training. On the positive side, none of this seems to be having an adverse effect on his job status, as his manager seems hell bent on getting him a fulltime position with the team regardless of which veteran players might get pushed aside to make room for him. The manager is so enamored with him that he has even gone as far as to arrange photo-ops which portray his prized player as a good family man. The photo session might have gone better had the player in question been given enough time to sober up from the night before.

Crackheads don't play well in the Midwest, even if they are good-looking white guys who are batting over .300. He should get Farney to be his sponsor.

In other Reds news, this from the Onion.

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