Monday, April 30, 2007

Heavy Rotation

Album of the past week (again): Little Feat by Little Feat. I keep going back to this record over the past 5 years or so, after Roger got completely wrapped up in the two records and sent me a rush package containing this one and Dixie Chicken. It's a slow burner, mixing funky Exile-era Stones guitar and piano sounds with a bit of country and southern rock, and Lowell George's strange, memorable, reedy voice tenuously holds it all together. The album creeps up on you after repeated listens with songs like Willin', Takin' My Time and one of my all-time favorites, Truck Stop Girl. Two songs about truck drivin': what's not to like? Highly recommended.


Tim said...

"Waiting for Columbus" by Little Feat has always been a Desert Island LP for me (in fact I own two copies on vinyl and one on CD)I was turned on to it in high school by a guy from DC and it's still one of those albums that needs to be heard loud on a nice spring day, with the windows open!
My current Heavy Rotation includes the new Son Volt, Alison Krauss, and a bunch of "dubstep" singles I downloaded.

Anonymous said...

Little Feat on my mp3 player all week at work. I will never tire of this record. Ever.

The Know-All said...

R: You get full credit for making my life a better place. At least in this case. It's the best. And give me weed, whites and wine.