Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Darkest Before the Dawn

The dawn in this case being: VEGAS, Baby...I'm off tomorrow evening for 4 nights in Vegas at the Golden Nugget with many of my dearest, oldest and bestest friends from across America in attendance for Ms. Anne Miller's wedding.

The past two weeks have been harsh, so it truly couldn't come a better time. I always seem to get black this time of year, with winter taking me down with its final gasps of the season. Add a several-month romance finally going south after a few weeks of pretending it wasn't, and the continuing struggles to find new ways to deal with the reoccurring problems of being HUMAN (dammit!), beyond shutting it out with weed, have made the recent days no fun. That said, my friends have been amazing as I find a new way. I know that taking a few positive steps, including being a fascist about the musts of regular exercise, will pay off with a little time. And you gotta love the anxiety taking off any extra winter weight.

Let the sun shine in and let the gambling heal my wounds.