Monday, March 19, 2007

Eatin' Out - Silent H

79 Berry St @ North 9th, Williamsburg
Located in the old home of the much beloved Oznot's Dish, or at least by those of us who sat at the bar there a lot because Meghan ran the joint for a couple years, I was thinking semi-schmancy Vietnamese in the 'Burg was going to suck wind.

I'm happy to say I was TOTALLY wrong. Although the decor is generic like a Holiday Inn bar, and the place seems so much smaller than when it was the mosaiced, high-ceiling and airy Oznot's, the food was absolutely great. Freshest goi cuon (unfried shrimps/pork/mint/sprouts roll) I've ever had--Vietnam included--and my thit kho (caramelized black peppercorn pork) was amazing: a huge chop served over rice with layers of flavor. Dish of the dinner for sure, for the sauteed lemon grass chicken paled in comparison although it was tasty, too. The place was packed on Friday night, but we sat at the bar and had helpful and friendly service from the owner and staff.

Three of us ate for under $60, and I loved the small bowl of longan they had on the bar, a delicious reminder of eating them freshly picked by the handful this summer in Vietnam. And I am very curious to try the Banh Mi they have on the lunch menu only from 12-4. What a fantastic addition to the often-mediocre food choices in Williamsburg. BYOB. PS: Please start delivering!