Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Mix

Can't stop listening to Bob Dylan's NY Blood on the Tracks, Patty Griffin's "Moon Song," and two songs mentioning the apparently drug-ridden Bonnie Brae section of LA, Neko Case's "In California,"(this song is KILLING me right now) and The Twilight Singers "Bonnie Brae."

Currently reading Zadie Smith's On Beauty. Shortlisted for the 2005 Man Booker prize, it follows a bi-racial family as it changes in both the UK and a fictional Massachusetts college town. As much I'd like to dismiss her simply to run contrary to overriding public opinions (example: Dave Eggers' output of crap-o-rama), she's such a great and funny writer that I'm enjoying it almost as much as I did her first, White Teeth.

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