Monday, March 05, 2007

Eatin' Out - Totonno's

1524 Neptune Ave@ 15th St, Coney Island
Often proclaimed as the "Best Pizza in New York", (and not just by the 10 millionth place called "John's") Totonno's is the real deal. No kidding, no bullshit, no grease, and no needing to fold the giant slice in half nonsense. Millicent and I took the dog out to Riis Park and stopped in to give this much touted brick oven pizza a try at its original location. Perfect crust (thin and crispy on the bottom but gently doughy on the edge and top), a smattering of not-too-sweet tomato sauce, homemade mozzarella topped with our one ingredient choice in pepperoni, all served up alongside cops having lunch; families catching up; plastic plates, and a wait staff that gives you a good pie along with Brooklyn attitude. They don't have to give you a smile -- their food speaks for itself.

Pert'near damn close to perfect. Often crowded, with no slices available but carry out is always an option. Order ahead for that Cyclones game.

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ope said...

makes a mf want to sing. scrumptious. i love that with one (i think) oven theres a waiting list.