Friday, March 09, 2007

My Favorite Flavor

Highly underrated and perhaps not the most common flavor (although Mr. Softee has the sauce in the trucks for shakes and sundaes), what's not to like about butterscotch??

From the article in the Washington Post:
So exactly what is butterscotch? And how does it differ from caramel?

Caramel is simply white sugar that's heated until it begins to caramelize, or turn brown, explains pastry chef James Sinopoli, a culinary instructor at Stratford University in Falls Church. Butterscotch is created when caramelized sugar (most recipes today use brown sugar) is paired with butter. The two are cooked together until the sugar and fat react under heat (what chemists call the Maillard reaction) to create the browned flavor that is so rich and irresistible.

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petes rose said...

I'm a carmels man meself... I'll let you have those yuchhy butterscotch tofeees an watnots.. yuch!