Friday, March 16, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

I have a secret, long-time love for John Denver. When I was growing up, Back Home Again was one of my favorite albums, along with Poems, Prayer and Promises, and Rocky Mountain High. And Annie's Song? Still kills me. Romantic as all get out. So I'm glad to read that Colorado has voted in Rocky Mountain High as one of its official state songs, even if there is controversy about the implied pot smoking line in the song (“friends around the campfire, and everybody’s high").

The one time I went to Denver with my brother's family, I realized I had NO John Denver to listen to while driving around in Rocky Mountain National Park. I phoned up my friend and native Coloradan Lil' Susan (thus dubbed after a trip to Derby where there were two Susans) and she rush messengered me a CD containing 12 of John's greatest hits. Now that's a good friend.

Denver had a bit of drinking problem and you gotta figure that in 1972, dude was definitely getting high with some friends around some campfires, and not just on nature. And he talks about getting high in about 1/3 of his songs. But if Coloradans wish to claim different, I'm cool with that.


Xmastime said...

love John Denver! overlooked now, and a punchline. a shame. and completely personifies 70s soft flannel, hayseed in mouth camping.

The Know-All said...

Grandma's Feather Bed: As you would say, my slice of slices when I was 8!

angelissima said...

My mom was all into JD in the 70's
He personified Rocky Mountain High for sure. Didn't he smash his plane into a mountain?

pete rose said...

Remember when the Tipper &Co. thought he would be all for censoring music? They also thought wrong about the guy...hahhahaha .. Rocky Mountain "High" indeed .. Rock on John Denver!!!